We love to mix it up and experiment with all different types of pasta shapes for your dining pleasure. Pair your favorite with your pasta flour of choice.


A playful, flower-shaped pasta best served with thick, hearty sauces.



A well-known flat noodle pasta that can be served with a variety of sauce types.



A twisted tube shaped pasta popular in casseroles and chunky sauces.



Thin like spaghetti, but hollowed out in the center and suitable for any sauce you like.



A ribbon-like shape similar to fettuccine used for thick, robust dishes.



A thin cord-like pasta. But you probably knew that already. It’s versatility explains its popularity.



This narrow tube-shaped pasta is a kid favorite. Try it with our three-cheese sauce.

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At Chelini, we believe the flour makes the pasta. We make our own pasta flours in house with the traditional semolina and whole wheat varieties as well as three gluten-free varieties that taste amazing. Available in all pasta shapes.


Whole Wheat

Gluten Free Preferred

Gluten Free with Amaranth

Gluten Free with Brown Rice/White Rice


We don’t stop at simple pastas. Our ravioli game is always evolving as we experiment with packing your favorite flavors into a bite-sized pasta.

Bacon Cheeseburger

In the mood for a bowl of tiny cheeseburgers? That’s what eating our bacon cheeseburger ravioli is like with distinct flavors of beef, onions, bacon, cheese and pickles for a unique take on a classic.

Rosemary Chicken & Fontina

The classic dish featuring chicken, rosemary and cheese comes together perfectly each flavorful bite.

Three Cheese

Fresh fontina, parmesan, and ricotta cheese come together to create the perfectly balanced cheese ravioli to tickle your taste buds.

Spinach and Ricotta

Spinach and ricotta find their perfect pairing in this all-encompassing ravioli complete with notes of parmesan cheese, garlic and herbs.

Butifarra Esparracada

A spin on a Spanish classic, this ravioli combines Italian sausage and a hearty dollup of white wine along with parsley, thyme, rosemary, and garlic.

Sweet Potato and Kale

If you don’t think sweet potato and kale go together, that just means you haven’t tried our sweet potato and kale ravioli yet.

Spinach Pesto

Fresh pinenuts and basil combine with spinach in our take on a pesto ravioli that’s not to be missed.



Sausage and red wine find their perfect union in this hearty tomato-based sauce.

Brown Butter Sage

A versatile white sauce option that you can try on everything from ravioli to tagliatelle.

Creamy Tomato

A must-have classic featuring fresh tomatoes and natural heavy cream swirled together for your pleasure.

Sugo di kat sowl

This Chelini invention is a white wine and chicken stock base combined with thyme, shallots and lemon zest.

Creamy bacon & scallion

Get creamy with this hearty and bacon-y favorite.