People don’t agree on much these days. But one thing they can agree on is that pasta is freaking awesome. It’s easy to make, easy to eat, and even the pickiest little ones sing its praises. So why is it so hard to find great pasta at a fair price?

Boxed pasta is cheap, but by definition, not at all fresh. Refrigerated pastas seem fresh, but are packed full of preservatives to improve shelf life. And it’s not like you can make pasta yourself. Even if you could figure out the logistics, who’s got the time? (Hint: we do)

Chelini makes it possible to make gourmet Italian meals in minutes. Our insane variety of pastas and sauces will take your taste buds on a thrill ride, whether you’re in the mood for tried-and-true traditional, feel-good healthy or downright decadent. Say goodbye to greasy takeout and dried pastas and hello to Chelini.

Chelini is a one-of-a kind place serving up Italian-inspired fast food with fresh-as-they come pasta and ingredients, unique flavor profiles, and customizable options in a fun, energizing environment.


When Eric Chelini’s grandfather came to the US from Tuscany, he brought with him generations of secret Italian recipes. Unfortunately, he kept them secret from almost everyone. Eric, however, noticed that there was a gaping hole in the pasta market, one that he knew his grandfather’s recipes for pasta flour and sauces might fill.

But before he could do that, Eric needed the right tools. So he headed to his homeland to pick up an authentic, Italian-grade pasta maker. From there, the experimenting began. Using his grandfather’s recipes as a base, he started to create all different types of pastas with different types of flour and then the savory sauces to go with them.

After years of test kitchen research, Chelini was finally ready to be shared. You’re welcome.